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Gratitude and Mental Health: Why am I grateful for GAC projects cancelations?

Gratitude has been gaining interest in mental health and other areas of human growth and development. I have been practicing the habit of writing three things that I am grateful for daily for many years and I love it. It is a great way to shift our minds to positives and value the things we are, have and accomplish. I have learned to be grateful even for the negative happenings in my life; many of which I have no control over. It enhances my awareness of the things I can or not change and observe deeply what each experience can teach me and how I can help others by sharing whatever I am learning.

As you all know, Global Awareness Consulting is a small business and great part of our services are international events. Because of the pandemic, unfortunately, we had to cancel all face-to-face events planned for the first semester, and we have decided to cancel the ones scheduled for the remaining of this year. Some of our online programs were canceled too because of the uncertainty caused by the present global situation. One of our clients asked me why I did not try to convince them to keep their virtual programs going on when they said they wanted to cancel them. My answer was simple: "I trust in the decision-making process of our clients. We have a trustworthy, loving, and respectful relationship with each and all of you. I know that before canceling with us you and your team went through all the pros and cons and what you presented to us was certainly your best decision. So, I respect it! When you decide it is the right time to come back, we will be ready for you!".

I believe that things happen for a reason. When I started deleting appointments, conferences, speaking engagements, training, and coaching sessions from our calendar, I must confess that I had a strange feeling of loss because our calendar had never been so empty before. I could have rushed and filled up all that space with something else to make money or just silence my mind, let go of any fear and listen to what that meant with my heart full of love. The answer did not last to come. After some minutes of silence, I received a text message from an ex client, who I hadn't talked for a while, asking for help because she was having panic attacks and severe anxiety. She is a nurse and was having difficulties dealing with her emotions because of the new experiences she started to have in the hospital where she works at. Besides her deep concern for her patients dealing with COVID 19, she was also afraid to get infected and/or to bring the virus home to her family.

The answer to my question: "Why are we having all these business project cancelations, even the virtual ones?" was right there, clear in front of me. "Because right now you will be more useful serving people with emotional and psychological needs.". I love to serve; I love psychology and I have always invested a lot in this field. It was clear at that moment that the best way I could use the time that opened in my calendar was by wearing my mental health professional hat and serving people who needed help and could not wait. I shared the information that I was offering free counseling and opened my heart to anyone who needed some love and guidance during this difficult time.

Today I really want to thank you all who temporarily canceled your programs and projects with us because of the pandemic. You may think that I am crazy by thanking you for cancelations, mainly considering that we depend mostly on our annual contracts for our survival. But because of all of us aligning our energies and not fighting with the universe, I have been able to help many amazing souls who are in a much better place today than they were some months ago.

I would like to share the tiny tip of the iceberg of what has been happening behind the scenes during these last months. I am not sharing this to brag. Most of you know that I am very humble and believe that my love, empathy, techniques, etc. would be useless without a deep and honest relationship between myself and my clients. Besides a full commitment from their part. They are the ones doing the hard work, the main key players in their growth process. We all must be grateful for the outcomes because we have done this together.

Let's play the drums for this celebration!! The beautiful results I am celebrating today include helping 3 people who had suicidal plans and were able to regain hope in their lives and are healthy now; 2 people who are healing successfully from substance abuse addiction; loving people who were able to leave abusive relationships and are safe; individuals who have been using tools to prevent panic attacks and anxiety; people who have been improving their relationship with their family members and co-workers; and others who were able to overcome their fears and have created amazing new businesses or changed the way they used to operate before the pandemic. Everything does happen for a reason, and we just must listen to our hearts and follow the signs of God, Mother Nature, or whatever you call this big power that connects all of us.

Thank you all who have trusted me to share your challenges and ask for help, regardless if it was for a brief session or for months of counseling. I feel honored, humble, and deeply grateful we have been able to figure out together creative ways to use this challenging moment in our lives to grow and learn. I love and appreciate all of you!

Now you may understand better when I said to some of you: "Don't feel bad about canceling our projects for this year. We will be fine! We will work together again next year and many more years to come, and we both will have lots of stories to tell each other!". Because of your cancelation, I have been able to serve more than 100 people who needed mental health assistance. I am deeply honored and happy about that!

I wish you all and amazing week!

With L.O.V.E. and deep gratitude!

Jacqueline Tome

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