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As a cross-cultural consulting firm, engaged in the personal and professional development of our clients, we decided to design a special program specially for college students and young professionals interested in developing a global career.

GAC Exchange is a two-week cultural immersion program, when a small group of participants will have intense and enriching educational and professional experiences. Our first GAC Exchange is going to take place in the USA in the beginning of 2016.

During two weeks, you will have an amazing cultural immersion, where you will be exposed to real business situations, visit companies, universities, participate in workshops and professional networking events, and of course, have a lot of fun.

The program will take place in Iowa and Illinois in the United States.

It includes 5 GAC Training Sessions:

· Understanding the American Culture

· Developing Multicultural Awareness & Competence

· Global Leadership and Decision Making

· Negotiation Techniques

· International Etiquette

You will receive International Certificates from GAC.

You will also visit multinational companies, non-profit organizations, local universities, schools and governmental entities.

Of course you will also have tons of fun visiting tourist attractions, such as:

· Two days in Chicago (tickets for attractions not included)

· Bowling at the QC Family Entertainment - Quad Cities

· Welcome & Farewell parties.

GAC Exchange USA happens during the American Summer (July or August) and the American Winter (December or January), giving you the opportunity to choose the season of your preference.

Your investment of US$3,200.00 includes:

· GAC membership

· Local transportation to and from the Quad Cities airport in Moline, and other places where GAC will develop its cultural, educational and business activities

· Welcome and Farewell Parties

· Orientation in Brazil and in the USA

· Hotel in double room

· 5 GAC training sessions, materials and certificates

· Transportation to visit Chicago

· Certificate of Completion of GAC Exchange

· Tons of FUN and LEARNING

Contact us now for more information! Space is limited!

You don’t want to miss this experience!

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