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5 tips to help you achieve your new year's resolutions

Here are 5 tips that will help you achieve your goals!

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With the New Year come the New Year’s Resolutions. Like many other people, you have probably made resolutions before that went unfulfilled. A high percentage of individuals give up pursuing their goals after a couple of weeks from establishing them. Why do we do it? What are we doing that keeps us from achieving our goals? One of the main reasons why many people do not succeed is not investing enough energy in action. We all function mostly based on three pillars: Thinking, Feeling and Acting. When we create a goal, we think about it, make plans and feel good about the idea of accomplishing it; but then we do not feed ourselves with the necessary energy to take all steps towards fulfillment. In general, a lot of energy is spent on the thinking and feeling processes and not enough is saved for action. We need perseverance to take every single step of our path towards success with motivation, and excitement. When you think about your goals and feel good about them, remember you will need to save energy to really make them happen!

1- Think and speak positively! Write down your goals using a positive statement and establish a due date. You want to repeat positive sentences and ideas and visualize them, so they will stick them to your mind.


I am not going to eat junk food. I am going to eat healthy food daily. Beginning on Jan.10, 2015.

I am not going to watch TV a lot. I am going to exercise 3 times in a week. Beginning on…

2- Review your goals and ask yourself if they are achievable, realistic and if they depend on you or on someone else to happen. You want to set up a scenario for success, not unnecessary frustration.

3- Share your goals with a friend or family member who has a positive attitude and will cheer for you, and don’t give up! Consider hiring a life coach. We tend to accomplish more when we have to be accountable for. Don’t expect quick outcomes! Society has been shaping our minds for instant gratification. Magical pills to lose weight, fast food, lotteries that will make you a millionaire in a day. Persevere! If you fall, learn from it, get up and keep moving! Keep focused and remind yourself of your goals daily!

4- Break your big goals into small steps and establish deadlines for each of them. For example, if your goal is to write a book, divide it into chapters and establish a date to conclude each one. Plan a gathering with some friends to read the chapter for them and to celebrate your achievement. We all like rewards!

5- Everyday counts! Have your list of goals in a place that is accessible to you daily: your phone, computer, calendar, reminder on the fridge, or all of them. You need to be reminded daily that you have goals to achieve. Do a little bit every single day!

Sometimes making a change is not as difficult as it is to maintain the change. So, define your goals, think, feel and do it! If you find hurdles, jump them and keep going on! You will feel really good when you cross the finish line!

By Jacqueline Tome, MSEd, is a life and executive coach. She is the founder and CEO of Global Awareness Consulting LLC. She has been helping people from different countries achieve their goals for more than 25 years. Her background is in clinical psychology, community counseling, and couple & family therapy.

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