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Beyond frontiers

When we go on a life-changing trip, the return brings us a bittersweet feeling that combines sorrow and enchantment. The first, for obvious reasons – when we go to a place for which we fall in love, it is very difficult to leave it behind when the departure plane takes off. The second feeling comes from our experiences on this trip, and all the good memories that will fill our mind for life.

The greatest difficulty, however, isn’t having to leave the place that brought us so much joy: it is to find words to describe such experience. That's because there is so much to say, we do not know where to start.

In June, I made a trip to Canada, in order to improve my knowledge of English, and although I already had many expectations, the country surprised me in many ways. Its multicultural posture, the always busy life, and its gentle people welcomed me so that I felt like I was at home.

Toronto is fascinating, and has plenty of entertainment options to those who only go to explore it: a fantastic aquarium, castles, amusement parks, various and constant festivals, and a beautiful panoramic view from the top of the CN Tower, the main landmark of the city. However, the charms of the country are not limited to this area: from the most well known places such as Niagara Falls, to the least visited, such as Oshawa, Bowmanville and Pickering, you can find very beautiful scenery, excellent food, and activities that make the effort to move from one place to another worthwhile.

The school I studied at during the time I spent there, I made many friends, from numerous nationalities: Arab, Venezuelan, Japanese, Korean, Libyan, French. It was like traveling the world, and it enriched greatly my experience, for it enabled me to learn and interact with drastically different cultures from mine.

I went back to Brazil a better person, whose worldview has expanded considerably. An international trip is a great challenge, but above all, a transformative experience.

Julia Zumaeta

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