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All our services are based on L.O.V.E. (Leadership, Optimism, Vitality, Education), which is a holistic leadership approach for human EVOLution, created and developed by Jacqueline Fonseca de Abreu (MSEd). She started designing this approach when she was only 18 years old and almost died because of a perforated ulcer caused by living an unbalanced life, with too much stress and lack of self-love. Throughout the years, she has been upgrading the concept and incorporating new tools based on advancements in the fields of psychology and neuroscience. Jacque wrote a book where she tells her story and shares amazing tools to help you design a life you love. You may find her book on Click HERE to get your copy.

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Global Awareness Training

Understand the complex and systemic connections and impacts from individuals, communities and countries to the globe and create actions to make a difference.

Intercultural Training

​Learn more about yourself and how to work effectively with people from different cultures. Attract diverse clients and grow your business.

DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Training and Consulting

Create a diverse and inclusive work environment, where your team will be integrated, happy, motivated and performing to their best potential.

Intercultural Relocation Support

Make your relocation process easier by learning about your hosting culture and language. Understand the psychological and emotional impacts of relocation on individuals and families and learn tools to have a smooth intercultural transition.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Implement projects to positively impact your community and the environment creating a long term business success.

GAC Exchange

GAC Exchange is a cross-cultural program created to provide an immersion experience in a foreign country. It is designed specially for professionals and higher education students interested in developing a deeper understanding on a specific culture and gain skills on how to work effectively with a multicultural group.

Global Corporation & University Connections

We help universities and corporations worldwide connect; searching for partnerships for recruiting, internship and employment; research collaboration; enhancement of curricula, technologic advancement and course for professionals.

Cross-cultural Communication & Language Training

This training/coaching prepares our clients to communicate effectively with people from different cultures, focusing on verbal and non-verbal skills.

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Executive Leadership Coaching

Expand your potential and develop specific skills to lead your team successfully. Understand and overcome barriers to your growth.​This process addresses specific personal or professional objectives by focusing on what is happening to the present, discovering what your challenges or obstacles might be, and creating a course of action to achieve your goals effectively and successfully. Watch these videos by Jacqueline Fonseca de Abreu (MSEd), GAC Founder, Executive Coach and Mental Health professional, where she explains what coaching is and shares great coaching techniques.

Intercultural Leadership Training

Learn amazing tools to work effectively with teams from different cultures.

Creativity, Innovation & Intercultural Marketing

Create new ideas and innovative projects, products and services. Develop effective marketing strategies for international clients.

Team Building & Working

Learn how to build and work with engaging and productive teams​.

Soft skills in Sales

Increase your business sales by applying effective tools based on neuroscience.

Negotiation Skills Training

Master outstanding negotiation skills to work with clients from different cultures​.

Intercultural Customer Services

Prepare​ your team for excellence interpersonal relationships and to personalize and offer the best possible experience to each and all clients. 

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Mental Health in The Workplace

Learn how to identify mental distress in others and in yourself, reduce stigma, motivate employees to search for help, and use effective tools to help create a healthier work environment.

Prevention of Addictions and Substance Use

Learn how to recognize signs and prevent addictions and substance use in the workplace, leading to safer environments, higher motivation, satisfaction, and productivity. 

Corporate Holistic Wellness

Understand the interconnection of many aspects responsible for our wellness. Use effective tools that significantly improve the overall quality of employee's life. Develop a healthier physical, mental and spiritual lifestyle.


Corporate Yoga & Meditation

Enjoy the incredible benefits of yoga and meditation. They improve mental health, clarity, creativity, focus, and decision making. Use breathing techniques and specific poses to help your balance, posture, endurance, strength, and to regulate your nervous system.

We also have programs which are open to the community. Please visit our Events page for more information.
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