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Learnings from Global Leaders

June has been an amazing month! I have had the pleasure to meet many interesting people and I have learned something different from each of them. I will share here with you a little bit of this great experience and some of the points that made me reflect and think about. On June 14th, I had the pleasure to meet Mr. José Efromovich, CEO of Avianca at the Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce in Florida event in Miami. He was the honorable recipient of the 2018 Excellence Award. His speech was very motivating and insightful. I also had the pleasure to meet his family, which he mentioned, showing deep gratitude, during his speech. Mr. José Efromovich, CEO of Avianca José was born in Bolivia, from a Polish-Jewish refugee family, and moved at a young age to Brazil. Entrepreneurship is an important part of his family. There was a sentence he said during his speech that makes perfect sense in my mind: "An entrepreneur is someone who will jump off of a cliff and build a plane on the way". I have felt this way many times, knowing that stopping was not an option, and having to make quick and important decisions without a lot of time available. He has a good sense of humor and his speech seemed authentic and very personal. He mentioned that Avianca is a very old company, 100 years old, "from a time when flying planes was dangerous and having sex was safe!". Things have changed, for sure :)

The core message of his presentation for me was on the importance of family and friends' support and connections for both personal and professional growth. Also, to be aware of the power of proximity, perseverance and risk taking to achieve our goals. Simple, yet great lessons learned!

SHRM 2018, book suggestion and FREE webinar in our next issue.

We will continue to share our learnings on our upcoming newsletters. We participated at SHRM 2018 in Chicago, the biggest HR event in the world. It was a great experience for our team and we made awesome connections. We will share some great content that we have learned during the program. We are adding an area on our newsletter to suggest interesting readings, so you can keep learning and growing. Great news! We will soon be offering FREE webinars to our members, clients, friends and partners. You will receive an invitation in our upcoming newsletter. Don't miss it! Thank you all for your support, ideas and suggestions.

With gratitude and appreciation,

GAC Team

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