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Life and Executive Coaching

This process addresses specific personal or professional objectives by focusing on what is happening to the present, discovering what your challenges or obstacles might be, and creating a course of action to achieve your goals effectively and successfully. Watch these videos by Jacqueline Tome  where she explains what coaching is and shares great coaching techniques.




GAC Exchange

GAC Exchange is a cross-cultural program created to provide a 2 week immersion experience in a foreign country. It is designed specially for college and Master's students, and professionals interested in developing a deeper understanding on a specific culture and gain skills on how to work effectively with a multicultural group. Welcome to the USA! 

Bienvenido a GAC Exchange!


Global Corporation University Connections

We help universities and corporations worldwide connect; searching for partnerships for recruiting, internship and employment; research collaboration; enhancement of curricula, technologic advancement and course for professionals.



Cross-cultural Relocation Program

We prepare expatriates and their families to succeed in a new culture. Through our training and/or coaching process, our clients learn about their new hosting culture, and receive effective tools that will help them thrive in a new social context. This program can be designed for exchange students as well.







Cross-cultural Communication

This training/coaching prepares our clients to communicate effectively with people from different cultures, focusing on verbal and non-verbal skills.






Global Leadership


You will learn about your leadership style and your team’s style and develop a plan to achieve your best potential as an effective leader working in a diverse environment.






Decision Making


This program helps our clients to understand the meaning of problem, action and opportunity, and also how our minds function while a decision making process takes place.







Creativity and Innovation


This program is based on specific exercises for your brain to enhance your creative thoughts. You will be able to tackle problems with innovative ideas and creative solutions, and create new products and services for your company.






Prevention & Health + Corporate Yoga

We provide training in prevention of domestic violence, addiction, depression, cancer in the family and other topics in the social health area.


For a mentally and physically healthy team, we offer corporate yoga on-site.





Team building & Team Work

Valuing collaboration is the basis of this training. Participants will experience benefits of working as a group and also will learn how to create an effective and successful team.







Developing Multicultural Awareness & Competence

This program will help professionals to become more competent while interacting and working with other cultures. Respect, trust, biases and assumptions will be addressed through the experience of real multicultural life situations.






Language Training, Translation & Interpretation

We offer language training, translation and interpretation in several languages.







Presentation Skills

Learn how to create an effective presentation: language (verbal and non-verbal), content, style, time (different approach of time by different cultures), behavior, emotions, and audience feedback.







Event Planning & International Etiquette

Let us plan, organize and facilitate your events. We can be in charge of one specific part of your event or organize all of it. We also provide interpreters for your event.

Learn about protocol and etiquette in a multicultural business environment.


We also have programs which are open to the community. Please visit our Events page for more information.
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