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Meet our amazing team of highly qualified professionals from different parts of the globe, ready to help you achieve your goals!

At GAC, we are fully committed to excellence, innovation, and diversity. Our exceptional team of experts come from different parts of the word, are leaders in their area of expertise, and speak multiple languages. We are ready to give you the best coaching, training and consulting experience regardless of your geographic location, culture and language. 

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Jacqueline F. de Abreu


CEO & Founder
Executive Coach / Global Trainer Abreu has outstanding experience in the fields of psychology; neuroscience; systemic theory; intercultural business; diversity, equity and inclusion; corporate social responsibility; creativity and innovation; ​sustainability; holistic leadership; and global awareness.

He has been collaborating with large multinationals corporations for more than 35 years, coaching, training and consulting executive leaders and their teams worldwide.

Some companies she has provided her expertise to include: IBM, Chase, Merck, John Deere, L'Oréal, Texaco, among others.  

Ms. de Abreu is one of the pioneers to talk about love in the workplace, especially in multinational organizations. She has created L.O.V.E. (TM) a holistic leadership approach for human EVOLution and has published a book on this topic. Her book has been accepted to be in many libraries around the globe in places such as Japan, Greece, Spain, Portugal, among others. Ms. de Abreu is a keynote speaker and outstanding presenter. She has spoken for large audiences in conferences in more than 20 countries, including Iceland, Malaysia, Portugal, Scotland, Mexico, Thailand, and Japan, to name a few. Abreu's educational background includes a degree in psychology (USU) and post-graduation in Psychopedagogy (PUC- RJ) in Brazil and a Master's in Education in Community Counseling and post-master's in couple and family therapy from Western Illinois University in the USA. She also holds certifications and specializations in different areas such as neuroscience for leadership and sustainable clean energy from universities such as MIT and Stanford. 

Ms. de Abreu is originally from Brazil and resides in the USA. An active philanthropist and advocate for human and animal rights, environmental awareness and global peace. She is also the founder of Global Awareness Citizens, a non-profit organization which develops projects worldwide to connect and help people become happier, healthier and better educated.


Yulia Carson


Professional Development Leader, Coach & Trainer


Mrs. Carson is a seasoned leader in learning and professional development with a background in training design and facilitation. She excels in creating and delivering

transformational learning experiences that drive client success. She specializes in

coaching and training professionals and teams in global contexts, enabling them to achieve their full potential and foster inclusive work environments.

Mrs. Carson has collaborated with numerous multinational organizations on global

talent development, intercultural competency, change management, and inclusive communications. She has developed and delivered learning programs for such

organizations as Starbucks, Intuit, John Deere, Boston Consulting Group, and

Caterpillar to name a few.

Mrs. Carson holds an M.S. in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University, where she completed her thesis on expatriate support and adjustment. Mrs. Carson also holds a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and a coaching

certification in Leadership and Change Management. Additionally, she is skilled at

debriefing various global leadership and intercultural assessment tools.

Mrs. Carson brings empathy and compassion, inspired by her diverse personal and professional experiences. She has held several leadership positions, successfully

building a global team that operated effectively across cultural differences under tight

timelines. An immigrant herself, Mrs. Carson has lived in various locations in the

United States and Russia. She currently resides with her family in Deerfield, IL.

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Shalon Rocha



Global Trainer & Consultant


Shalon Rocha is a Brazilian global trainer and consultant who has worked with professionals from more than 20 countries and renowned companies in the areas of: strategic communication, neuroscience, organizational and time management, motivation and mental reprograming, multicultural negotiation techniques, coaching, diversity, equity and inclusion, leadership and mentoring, language and cultures, translation and interpretation of multiple languages.

Published author, his books have been sold in more than 10 countries and have helped professionals achieve their organizational goals and live healthier successful lives.

He graduated in international negotiations in Brazil, and developed his studies in organizational leadership, strategic communication and intercultural competence and foreign languages in the United States. A versatile multilingual leader who has worked with professionals from more than 20 countries and renowned companie in many different areas. Engaged in social causes, Shalon has also developed projects focused on diversity, equity in inclusion in Brazil and the US with organizations and projects such as Global Awareness Citizens and Minute of Silence (Minuto do Silêncio, for hearing impaired individuals). 



Dr.Cláudia Magaldi 


Health Consultant, Trainer & Smoking Coach

Dr. Cláudia Magaldi is a Brazilian general clinician, pulmonologist, specialist in smoking cessation and other addictions. With a residency in internal medicine and pulmonology and a Master's Degree in international public health from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  

She gained her Medical Doctor degree from FMC/RJ in Brazil. She also holds a Master's degree in International Public Medicine from Vrij Universiteit in Amsterdam.

Dr. Cláudia Magaldi is dedicated to helping clients achieve self-care and harm reduction.

As the founder of Cláudia Magaldi - Health & Wellbeing (assisting clients in the Netherlands, Brazil, and other parts of the world) and founding partner of Florescer Holanda in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Dr. Cláudia Magaldi is committed to assisting both individuals and groups with their smoking behavior. With extensive experience in supporting ordinary and electronic cigarette users who want to quit, reduce their use, or modify their smoking habits, Dr. Cláudia Magaldi provides guidance and assistance according to each client’s unique needs.

Dr. Cláudia Magaldi's expertise doesn't stop there. As a health consultant, she offers guidance and information on general health concerns and helps clients make different choices for their lives. She provides both punctual care and longer follow-up, focusing on six basic concepts: food and daily movement habits, environmental organization, breathing, spirituality, and sleep.

With an integrated approach to physical, psychological, and social health, Cláudia Magaldi guides clients from a biopsychosocial perspective.

She believes in the power of transformation of human beings in the search for a meaningful and fulfilling live, vitality and peace. Respecting your limits and valuing your potential!

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Brett Parry


Intercultural Coach, Trainer and Consultant

Mr. Brett Parry is ....

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Dr. Kit Evans-Ford



Global Leadership Trainer, Coach & Consultant

Dr. Kit.... 

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