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Developing Awareness for a 

Better World



Learn how to create a diverse and inclusive work environment, where your team will be integrated, motivated and performing to their best potential. Understand the amazing benefits of having a diverse team.


Develop specific skills to lead your global team successfully. Understand and overcome barriers that keep intercultural teams to progress and to achieve their goals.


Make your relocation process easier by learning about your hosting culture, and understanding the psychological and emotional impacts of relocation on families.

Global Awareness Consulting (GAC) is an intercultural Coaching, Training and Consulting company designed to help professionals work more effectively across cultures. We have a team of highly qualified professionals around the world helping our clients achieve their goals in an interesting and motivating way. 

Our Mission is... to help our clients develop meaningful interpersonal relationships, develop global awareness, improve intercultural habilities, and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Our Vision is… is to develop awareness worldwide, creating a global community where people respect and help each other grow both personally and professionally. 

Our MOTTO is…"We are developing awareness for a better world!"

What is "Coaching"? In this video, Jacqueline Fonseca de Abreu, MSEd, Founder and CEO of Global Awareness Consulting, talks about the concept of Coaching and how it works. 



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Diversity & Inclusion, Intercultural Coaching, Training, Consulting, Leadership, Global Relocation, Global Sales Skills

About Us

Global Awareness Consulting LLC was founded on April 12, 2007 by Jacqueline Fonseca de Abreu, as a result of more than twenty years of experience in the fields of Cross-cultural Communication, Clinical Psychology, Psychopedagogy, Community Counseling, Family Therapy, International Relations, Yoga, Meditation, Coaching, Training and Consulting.

Her passion for human potential and achievement of excellence, combined with her expertise in mental health and global leadership served as a strong foundation for the creation of GAC. Since then, Jacqueline and our team of high qualified professionals have been helping clients from more than 50 different countries to achieve their goals and create a more meaningful life. 

Our services are personalized, created, designed and developed carefully based on our clients’ wants and needs. As Jacque likes to say, "Our client's goals become our own goals!"

We are committed to excellence, quality, innovation, satisfaction and sustainability. We believe that learning and growth take place in a systemic and integrated way, when we are able to balance our feelings, thoughts and actions. Based on this belief, we have been developing programs that are meaningful to our clients, both personally and professionally.


As a result of our approach, we have established longstanding relationships with our customers, and feel deeply for that. For better assisting our worldwide clients, we have a team of highly qualified consultants in different parts of the world, and our services are provided in several languages.


Our clients include companies from different sizes, located in several parts of the globe, and from different fields, such as engineering, banking, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agriculture, education, entertainment, etc.

Reach out to us. We would love to learn more about you and your interests!

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